Brachycephaly and Plagiocephaly experiences in Asia

January 2, 2010

My child had a case of plagiocephaly and brachiocepaly and had her helmet fitted in one of the ortothics provider here in Singapore. They are associated with a local hospital. They made the helmet in a traditional way where they had to make a plaster cast of my child’s head shape and made the helmet shape accordingly. I had to bring pictures of helmets done by Starband.

As for the experience, i have to say we didn’t see big improvements in my child’s head shape after using it for a few months, perhaps because of number of factors.

First, my child was already around 15 months old when we actively sought using the helmet therapy. At that time, the craniofacial specialist told us that any change will be unlikely since her cranium had already hardened at that point. But we insisted we’ll try it and hope for the best.

Second, I think the weather in Singapore doesn’t help with making pre-toddler to wear a cranium helmet. She was at an age where she can already remove the helmet by herself so she takes it off whenever she’s uncomfortable with it.

My child did sweat a lot whenever she wears her helmet, so the recommendation to have it worn for 23 hours a day became an impossible task for us.

And third, the way they monitor my child’s head shape was not as thorough as i thought it would be. We only had to go every 2 weeks to have it checked and they will just check the pressure points on my daughter’s head to see if the helmet shape is doing what it’s supposed to do. My child did have the red marks on the forehead to show where the pressure points were after wearing the helmet for a few hours.

But there were no detailed measurements or any computer scans involved. Just a visual assessment by the orthotist.

So yeah, i cannot really say if the results would’ve been better if any of the factors above were any different.

As for treatments in Asia, I think there are providers of Starband and Starscanners in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Check the locations here:

The DOCband from Cranialtech is one of the popular treatments in the US, but unfortunately is not available anywhere else except Spain. Not to mention they are quite expensive.

Have you tried repositioning techniques for your child? Sometimes that’s the easiest way to treat misshapen heads for younger infants. Another popular treatment is Craniosacral therapy which involves some head massage. We’ve not tried it but some parents do say it worked for their child.


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