News Reports on Brachycephaly and Plagiocephaly

January 4, 2010

A search for the latest stories published on Google News:

Surrey Herald, March 11, 2009: Warning to parents after baby’s head grew flat

Arizona Daily Star: Triplets get head-shaping help

Worthing Herald: Worthing Family’s Fight for NHS Treatment

BBC: “We put our baby in a helmet”

Lancashire Telegraph: Gistburn Mum Shares Flat-Head Syndrome Experiences with Experts

Dad’s Bid to Raise Funds for Treatment

Cambridge Evening NewsMother’s Anger Over “Appalling” Baby Care

Romford Recorder
James Colasanti

Mother Claims Baby’s Condition was Ignored
The Harrow Times
Nadia Sarbout

Flathead Syndrome Toddler’s Fighting On
This is Sentinel
Kelly Shorrock

Head Start
I’m Pregnant! Magazine
Wendy Glass

Private Treatment Hope for Baby Joel
This is Sentinel
Harley Harp

The radical new treatment for ‘flat head syndrome’

The Independent
Emily Hohler

Junior Head
Junior Magazine
Susan Walls

Letter: Why this silence on a preventable deformity?
The Argus
Rachel Brett


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