This blog was created by parents who discovered their child had a flat head from lying too long on her back.

The incidence of flat heads has increased dramatically ever since doctors began recommending the anti-SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) tactic of children sleeping on their back.

What nobody told us (and many other parents out there) is that unless you are careful about it your child may end up with a flat head.

There are two technical outcomes that may take place:

Brachycephaly: A relatively even flattening on the back of the head.

Plagiocephaly: An uneven flattening.

Who am I and why do I not identify myself?

I am a parent in Hong Kong who wishes I had found a blog like this sooner in my search for information. I do not include personally identifying information because I would like to leave up this blog long after my child has recovered. I have found many of the parents blogging about this want to take down their blogs once their children reach school age.

As for whether you can trust me or not, please know that I am highly skeptical of quack medicine. In fact, it is one of the reasons I managed to delay our taking action for so long. Please note the message to vendors below.

How did our story begin? (A pattern I have now seen repeated by many other parents)

Age 4 months: Mother notices problem, father a little sceptical.

Age 6 months: Finally pediatrician is consulted who measures the size of the head (not the shape) and says it is developing in correct proportion to the body. When asked about the shape, the doctor reacts strongly, almost angrily and dismisses the problem. “Your child’s head will grow out”. Father chastises mother who suppresses her concerns.

Age 10 months: Parents both agree that the head remains misshapen. Finally they realize there is a community out there who faced the same problem. In our case the situation is exacerbated by our physical location. Hong Kong has no doctors who specialize in this issue, so we have made the decision to take our child to London.

NOTE: Please link to this blog if you find it useful and leave a comment if you have information others might find useful. To contact me, leave a comment here and I will reply (and delete your contact information, if you wish.)

Vendors please note: This is written by parents for parents. I will link to doctors and vendors, but I will always identify them as such. Vendors are welcome to link to this blog, get in touch and even contribute comments as long as you fully identify yourself. Vendors who do not identify themselves clearly will face prominent online humiliation about unethical behavior in addition to a letter I will send to relevant medical authorities.


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